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Rebrand for Ultra Purity Products

Posted on 1 March 2016

We’ve re-branded our ultra purity ranges with a new label layout and colour. Purple has long been associated with the highest level of attainment; it represents royalty, imagination, wisdom, creativity and the future. It is the natural choice to denote our highest level of chemical purity, ROMIL Ultra Purity.

Although the labels have changed the ultra purity specifications remain the same so you are assured of continued top-level quality. The new branding better identifies these products with their intended applications:

Ultra Pure Acids

  • ROMIL-UpA - Ultra trace inorganic analysis (impurities at parts per trillion level)

Ultra Pure Solvents

  • ROMIL-UpS - ultra lc - HPLC critical gradient applications, LC-MS, UHPLC
  • ROMIL-UpS - ultra gc - GC critical low residue applications, GC-FID, GC-ECD, GC-MS

Enhanced Specifications for LC-MS

At the same time we’ve taken the opportunity to add additional parameters to the specifications of some popular ultra pure solvents to take account of their role in the demanding requirements for LC-MS:

Our carefully controlled specifications optimised for LC-MS now include:

  • Assay, water and non-volatile residue levels
  • UV transmission data
  • Acidity/alkalinity levels
  • Trace ionic impurities
  • Use test for LC-MS suitability

These result in:

  • Consistent batch to batch purity for reproducible results
  • Low metal ion content to minimise adduct formation and increase ionisation of analytes
  • Long shelf life: packed in specially treated amber glass bottles designed to prevent leaching of ionic impurities over time
  • Superior solvent quality for low background noise

We trust you enjoy using our ultra purity products as much as we enjoyed developing and bringing them to you.