ROMIL PrimAg® Mono-Component Reference Solutions

for AA, ICP, IC and ISE calibration

ROMIL PrimAg® Reference Materials

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Prepared from pure metals, salts, and ROMIL-SpA super purity acids, these mono-component element reference solutions may be utilised in all types of atomic spectrometry from AA through to ICP-MS. Likewise, the ion reference solutions are similarly formulated for application in ion chromatography (IC) and ion-selective electrode measurement (ISE). Both solution types are ideal for voltammetry.

Analysts may think that such high quality is accompanied by a high price. Not so, as our current price list will give a pleasant surprise. You will discover effectively ICP-grade reference solutions but at traditional AA prices.

Another compelling reason to choose PrimAg® for inorganic reference materials. Just look upon it as ROMIL's contribution to the pursuit quality results!

PrimAg is a registered trademark of ROMIL Ltd.