ROMIL PrimAg® Multi-Ion Reference Solutions

for ion chromatography (IC) calibration

ROMIL PrimAg® Reference Materials

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In ion chromatography applications many analysts demand reference solution mixes formulated to match the actual samples that they are working with. Especially at lower concentrations.

ROMIL provides a custom production service utilising high purity ingredients which have been characterised via the PrimAg® scheme of traceability. Solutions are available either non-certificated PrimAg®-lite or certificated as PrimAg®-plus. (PrimAg®-xtra is not available in multi-ion form).

Obtaining a custom quote from ROMIL is simple. All that is needed is a list of the required ions, the preferred matrix (for IC we target water for anions or very dilute nitric acid for cations), and the pack size (choose from 100ml, 250ml, 500ml or 1LT). After reviewing the customer request for chemical compatibility issues, a price and availability is quoted, based on the number of ions and their concentrations.

Analysts may well ask why they should make up these difficult solutions themselves, when ROMIL can do it for less cost and with the unique PrimAg® traceability combined with ISO 17034 accreditation. Typical multi-ion solutions produced to customer requirements are listed here as examples of the expertise that is available at ROMIL. Choose one or ask us to quote for your own mix.

PrimAg is a registered trademark of ROMIL Ltd.