ROMIL-PUROM High Purity Process Solvents

for industrial applications

ROMIL-PUROM High Purity Process Solvents

ROMIL-PUROM High Purity Process Solvents Key Applications

  • Application Ideas

    Not sure if your process could benefit from the PUROM treatment? Then compare these typical applications where ROMIL‑PUROM has made a real difference.

    • manufacture of pharmaceuticals
    • manufacture of HPLC columns
    • bulk manufacture of oligonucleotides
    • manufacture of speciality chemicals for electronics
    • manufacture of speciality inorganics
    • manufacture of lithium batteries
    • manufacture of ink-jet printer heads
    • manufacture of medical appliances

  • Anhydrous Solvents in Bulk

    ROMIL has also pioneered the Hi‑Dry® brand, a series of anhydrous solvents in laboratory packs, featuring a water content of less than 50ppm and often as low as 5ppm. Anhydrous solvents are commonly used in organic synthesis on both a laboratory and an industrial scale where a water free medium is essential for the reaction to progress. A combination of low water content with high purity, achieved only by ROMIL with the Hi‑Dry® range, gives you the confidence of attaining a high quality end product with a good yield. The same technology goes into production of our bulk anhydrous solvents so if you need large quantities why not consider a suitable ROMIL‑PUROM solvent.
  • Flask, stainless steel, LiQuiSure

    LiQuiSure stainless steel flasks
    LiQuiSure stainless steel flasks

    Robust environmentally friendly flasks of stainless steel suitable as returnable and reusable packaging. Liquid is in contact only with grade 304 stainless steel and PTFE so maintains original purity of ROMIL‑PUROM solvents. Features UN-approval for international transport of hazardous goods. Discharging is by simple pouring out or with a special screw-on dispenser. Neck thread is a standard GL/DIN/ISO 45 which takes a wide range of other dispensing options. A wall thickness of 1 mm permits light pressurisation to 0.3 bar.

  • ROMIL - Expertise in Purity

    Yes! It's got to be ROMIL

    The PUROM brand has been developed from the expertise ROMIL has in the production of high purity solvents for analytical techniques in the laboratory. We believe that to attain top quality results you need to use the best solvents on the market. ROMIL is dedicated to manufacturing products of the highest chemical purity, ensuring your work can be performed with confidence and cost advantages.