ROMIL-UpS Ultra Purity Solvent Mixes

LC Eluants & Washes

ROMIL High Purity Solvent Mixes

Consistent Product Performance

Eluants for hyphenated chromatography techniques demand the maximum performance from the constituents. LC‑MS and UHPLC in particular require the use of the highest purities available in order to maximise their analytical potential.

ROMIL‑UpS ultra purity eluants are formulated from our ultra purity solvents, themselves developed by pushing our purification technology to the limits. Product is filled into bottles which have been specially pre-treated to ensure that trace metal impurities are kept as low as when freshly manufactured which avoids problematic adduct formation.

Combining a very clean UV transmission profile with extremely low fluorescence background, ROMIL‑UpS ultra purity eluants achieve the high ionisation efficiencies that ensure a reproducible and consistent analytical performance.

Sourcing your LC‑MS and UHPLC eluants from ROMIL ensures consistency of product performance and also reduces costs which are otherwise incurred in the handling of hazardous solvents in the QC laboratory.