ROMIL High Purity Aqueous Mixes

for instrumental techniques

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Consistent Product Performance

High purity aqueous mixtures are made from our ROMIL-SpA and similar materials thus ensuring a consistent performance. Many such solutions are often made up in the laboratory with commercial reagents combined with in-house produced water. Without sufficient in-house control on the quality of this water, the performance of the whole mixture is impaired.

In our experience reagent quality should be matched across the individual components of a mixture. Otherwise, the quality degenerates to the least pure constituent. This is often the case of in-house produced solutions where the purity of the locally produced water is not sufficiently controlled to maintain the quality of the mixture and this can result in time wasting chasing of ghost peaks and anomalous results. That is not to say that commercial laboratory water purifiers cannot produce the highest quality water. They can. But to do that reliably not only requires the investment in the purification equipment itself, but also an on-going system of regular maintenance and strict quality control of the output.

Sourcing your instrumental aqueous-based solutions and reagents from ROMIL ensures consistency of product performance, reduces costs and allows the qualified analyst to make better use of their skills.

ROMIL High Purity Aqueous Mixes Product Categories