ROMIL PrimAg®-TvR Traceable Volumetric Reagents

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At Last - ISO 17034 Traceability in Titrimetry

The typical QC laboratory has long had a responsibility to produce precise and accurate analyses. But with today's business pressures there also comes a requirement for quick production of results within a quality conscious environment. ROMIL PrimAg®-TvR traceable volumetric reagents provide the means to achieve these aims through cost effective products that are traceable to SI units through the unique ROMIL PrimAg® system.

Unique to ROMIL, these otherwise routine laboratory solutions are produced under the strict guidelines of our ISO 17034 accreditation as a reference material producer - a world first for such reagents. No doubt where we have led the way others will follow.

ROMIL PrimAg®-TvR reagents are available in a wide range of concentrations and in a variety of convenient pack sizes. Supplied ready-to-use they enable the busy analyst to select the optimum pack size for the application. The nominal molarities for the range are, in general, accurate to within 0.5% (factor limit 0.995-1.005) and are equally suitable for both manual and automatic titrators. A number of 'high accuracy' solutions are available for techniques where the maximum precision is required. These reagents are generally specified with a nominal accuracy five times greater than the basic reagents and consequently, care is called for in their handling and use in order to attain the maximum precision of the final result.

Some reagents are available in concentrated form. Advantages of concentrates include reduced bought-in cost as well as a smaller storage area requirement. They are supplied in 6-packs of vials containing the concentrate together with user instructions and pre-printed labels for the final concentrations. Calibration (i.e., 'standardisation') of the final solution with a suitable ROMIL PrimAg®stoichiometric certified reference material will enhance the intrinsic traceability and may also be used to improve the accuracy.

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