ROMIL-UpS Ultra Purity Solvents

for critical analytical applications

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The Ultimate Quality for Hyphenated Techniques

Whilst the purity levels of ROMIL‑SpS solvents are suitable for most instrumental applications there are some high-sensitivity techniques which demand even greater purity. Analytical instrumentation can now detect substances at such low concentrations that were previously considered undetectable. This is especially true in environmental analysis where detection of trace amounts of pollutants is now the routine.

Hyphenated techniques in particular place a great burden on the purity of the solvents. These double or triple detection systems require a solvent quality matched to the requirements of all the configured detectors.

UpS bottles
Distinctive packaging for UpS

ROMIL‑UpS Ultra Purity Solvents have been developed to address this requirement. Purification techniques are more exacting and each batch is carefully use-tested to ensure the best possible performance. Product is filled into bottles which have been specially pre-treated to ensure that trace metal impurities are kept as low as when freshly manufactured. Thus, not only is the original purity controlled but also the actual purity when opened some time later.

Because no matter how pure the solvent, it will eventually degrade over time. Such degradation products may become apparent during use, either as additional peaks, or through unwanted and unexpected reaction with the sample. At ROMIL we have found that the purer the solvent starts out the longer its useful 'stability'. Our expertise is distilled into every bottle of ROMIL‑UpS solvent which means a greater assurance of quality results, first time, every time.