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Process Chemistry

Process chemistry is concerned with the development and optimisation of a synthetic scheme and manufacturing plant procedure for production of high value products such as pharmaceuticals and speciality inorganics for electronics.

In addition to considerations of safety and environmental impact, cost efficiency is of paramount importance. Within the cost of a chemical process is the sum of all raw materials, reagents, catalysts and solvents. Amongst these parameters, the selection of solvent can have a direct impact on process times and yield thus directly contributing to the overall cost.

The ROMIL‑PUROM range of high purity process solvents is targeted towards process chemists who need a purity of solvent higher than that available from traditional industry sources. Purification methods are derived from those developed for ROMIL‑SpSsuper purity solvents for demanding laboratory applications. A range of standard catalogue products for process chemistry is presented here.

Included are a range of technical grade solvents suitable for general industrial use where the purity levels are not so important for applications such as rinsing and cleaning.