ROMIL-PUROM High Purity Process Solvents

for industrial applications

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PUROM - Your Unique Specification

The PUROM system is a production concept from ROMIL, that gives you a completely customised high purity solvent, incorporating only the features that are required for your process application. Such features may include:

  • solvent specification
  • certification
  • packaging
  • dispensing options

But too many companies base their requirements for bulk high purity solvents on so-called 'HPLC grades'. Invariably, whilst this quality is suitable for analytical laboratory applications it is overspecified for industrial use. You end up by paying more for what you don't need.

At ROMIL we work closely with you to produce a profile of the solvent, based on your processing requirements. A unique specification is then drawn up for you, so you get a consistent, controlled grade of solvent time after time. For example, some or all of the following parameters may be important to you:

  • assay
  • water content
  • non-volatile residue
  • spectroscopic properties
  • acidity/alkalinity
  • trace metals

Is solvent purity important to you?
Is solvent purity important to you?

You can request a certificate of analysis, reporting results from any analytical tests necessary for your manufacturing or quality procedures.

There are also plenty of packaging and dispensing options available under the ROMIL LiQuiSure brand that, likewise, can be tailored to your operating requirements.

Using a ROMIL-PUROM solvent, that is 'fit for your purpose', could well improve the yield and quality of your final product. And because you pay only for the performance you need you'll save money at the same time.

The PUROM brand has been developed from the expertise ROMIL has in the production of high purity solvents for analytical techniques in the laboratory. We believe that to attain top quality results you need to use the best solvents on the market. ROMIL is dedicated to manufacturing products of the highest chemical purity, ensuring your work can be performed with confidence and cost advantages.