ROMIL-SpA Super Purity Acids and Reagents

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A Part Per Billion - A Blade of Grass on a Football Field !

Today's users of pure acids and reagents in trace inorganic analysis well understand the importance of minimal background impurities. So think of a blade of grass on a football field. That's a part per billion, the level to which elemental impurities are controlled in ROMIL‑SpA Super Purity Acids and Reagents.

And with environmental issues at the forefront of modern analytical investigations analysts acknowledge the need for such low levels of contaminants. For them, ROMIL‑SpA Super Purity Acids and Reagents provide a practical solution by combining very high purity at a reasonable cost.

Whereas other reagent suppliers simply batch select or distil their acids by traditional boiling, ROMIL‑SpA Super Purity Acids are purified by sub-boiling distillation.

Sub-boiling distillation
Advantages of Purification by Sub-boiling Distillation

What is it that's so special about this technique that it imparts a greater purity to the finished product than traditional methods? Just look at the diagram. The secret lies in the smooth surface and fine vapour that is maintained over the liquid surface at a temperature just below the boiling point. This avoids the violent agitation and large scale mass transfer of contaminants that is inevitable with conventional distillation.

To maintain such low levels most of the ROMIL‑SpA products are packaged in pre-cleaned polyethylene bottles (pre-cleaned glass bottles for perchloric acid).

Whether the instrumental application is atomic spectroscopy (AAS, GFAAS, ICP‑OES, ICP‑MS), ion chromatography or voltammetry, ROMIL‑SpA products are the ideal tools for today's routine inorganic trace analysis.