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Titrimetry may be considered as the most common analytical technique in chemistry. It is the first exposure to quantitative analysis that school chemistry students undergo. The titrimetric method is rapid, reliable and accurate. It can be performed manually or by instrument.

Under the ROMIL PrimAg®‑TvR brand we have built a comprehensive range of high quality volumetric reagents (TvR = traceable volumetric reagent). They come with a Certificate of Calibration evidencing SI traceability to the mole by way of the unique ROMIL PrimAg® scheme of traceability to primary silver. Not only that, but with accreditation to ISO Guide 34 ROMIL are proud to be the only global source for such products.

For laboratories that prefer to make up their own volumetric solutions, SI traceability may be established by calibration (i.e., 'standardisation') against a suitable ROMIL PrimAg®stoichiometric reference material. Such compounds are chosen for the following qualities:

  • availability in high purity form
  • readily soluble
  • stability under ambient conditions (air)
  • non-hygroscopic and non-deliquescent
  • significant molar mass (the larger the better)

Each ROMIL PrimAg® stoichiometric reference material is accompanied by a Certificate of Calibration reporting its determined assay with associated uncertainty traced to ROMIL primary silver.

PrimAg is a registered trademark of ROMIL Ltd.